Breaking Ground

Breaking ground is always an exciting step. It feels like the first, although there is so much work that goes into making that possible. We’ve received approval from the city of Alexandria, obtained all of the permits, finalized the design and now the fun has begun. I always have such a hard time visualizing the space until I start to see it take shape. Once we break ground the picture starts to become clearer, but then we poor the footings and then the concrete pad and then the walls go up as the framing begins. Once this step happens I can stand inside the house and feel the space and […]

Venturing on a New Project, Close to Home

Mike and I have a long love for Old Town, Alexandria. It’s the first place we lived together, it’s where we chose to get married, it’s where we renovated our first home, brought our two babies into the world and our adorable golden retriever. Now it is also a place where Windmill Hill is breaking ground and proceeding on a new project.

This venture is two doors down from our current residence, with a similar floor plan but a much larger lot. The possibilities seemed endless to us when we decided to proceed; we could build a house that we already know we love but add features that make it even […]